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Hello everybody!

Feeling it much, I’ll cancel the 365 days challenge for many reasons, you can read them here:(it’s short) 


I’m not going to dissapear so please, if you still want to enjoy my League of Legends drawings, go follow me on my main Tumblr:


I’m so sorry and thanks for all the support during these 3 months! I really hope you’ll follow me on the main Tumblr >_<


Slay Belle Katarina <3

A old request I had!

I’m curious if someone is interested on commission me right now a traditional drawing like this for 10€ // 14$

Only if you can do the payment right now! And probably you’ll have the drawing in less of one hour ^^

  • Max 2 characters
  • It could be as NSFW as your imagination leave you XD
  • Human characters only.

If you are interested, send me a note right now! This commissions will be only offer for he next hours XD

Sorry for the bad quality in general >_<

March, 27

Personally, I love Vi’s face XD


People chose option A <3

You don’t know what am I talking about? —> check this <—


March, 25

Really sorry for inactivity but I don’t feel very well and I’m not drawing u_U


First raffle! I hope everyone likes this ^_^

If it have a good acceptation I’ll do more <3

A few things more:

  • Don’t send the money with the donate button of my Tumblr
  • I’ll not be responsible if you send the money to a wrong email, like melanie_123xq@hotmail.com XD

Good luck people! and reblog please! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧



Everyone remember this, right?:


Well, basically is the same! Choose one

  • (A) Shut up Vi! it’s me who have the authority now.
  • (B) If you are good I’ll be good too.

So…what do you decide?

C’mooooon peopleeee


1.060 followers deserved a giveaway!

The prizes are specificated on the image, if you have a question, just ask it! There will be 6 WINNERS.


  • Giveaway ends April 30
  • You must be following me (I’ll check it)
  • Reblogs and likes counts, but you can reblog only 3 times!
  • I’ll tell you in your ask if you are a winner, so please, your ask must be open!
  • I don’t draw furry, animals, monster girls, mecha or real people >_<
  • Obviously, winners will be choosen randomly.
  • If a winner don’t answer in 24 hours, I’ll choose other!


Maybe someone on my 365 days tumblr is interested?

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